I am a freelance journalist and art critic living in Berlin. I was born and raised in Panama and moved to Europe after 10 years of living in the US. I cover contemporary art, Spain and Latin America extensively for The Art Newspaper but I am also their Berlin Correspondent. I am fluent in Spanish, English and in the process of learning German. I have a profound interest in art criticism despite it being a dying practice. You can read my graduate thesis, Confronting the “Death” of Art Criticism here.

I also initiated and moderated a debate titled “Does Art Criticism in Latin America Even Matter?” at the Coleccion Cisneros’s website in the Fall of 2014. Read my overture and the ensuing debate here.

If you need to contact me about my work for The Art Newspaper, please email me at l.rojas[at]

If you would like me to write for you, please email me at laurie.rojas[at]

I am also, on a volunteer basis since 2013, the Editor in Chief of the Platypus Review, a non-profit publication dedicated to interrogating and clarifying positions and orientations on the Left. Take a look at the latest issue here.

Oh, and I am pretty active on twitter, follow me at

Art Criticism

Critical evaluation, analysis, and research on contemporary political art works.

Beuys’ Concept of Social Sculpture and Relational Art Practices Today

“Best of Chicago Art Magazine” re-post. Originally appeared in Chicago Art Criticism on 2/28/10

German artist Joseph Beuys’s work appears unfathomable: his entire oeuvre engaged...

Theories Are Sometimes Inverted Images: Beuys’s Concept of Social Sculpture (Part II)

Originally published in 2010 at Chicago Art Criticism.

We will once again depart with the idea that Joseph Beuys’s work appears unfathomable.

Looking at images of...

Jeremy Deller’s Battle with History and Art

Originally published in 2010 at Chicago Art Criticism.

Turner prize-winning artist, Jeremy Deller, installed his traveling project, It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq, at the Museum...

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